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The Uppper Echelon Inc.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The Uppper Echelon Inc. Focuses on Women who have been displaced due to domestic violence. As A DV Survivor I have a commitment to helping in the survival of all women in the state of Indiana who may be seeking relief from abuse. The mission of the Uppper Echelon Inc. is to be readily available to service families by allowing them the resources, a safety plan, and achieving barriers to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both woman in children while transitioning to freedom from abuse.

The Uppper Echelon Inc. is a nonprofit agency that offers hope to women and children by providing on site care. The Mission of the Uppper Echelon Inc is to focus on providing the necessities of a family in need of a safe haven during a time of displacement. The Uppper Echelon Inc is designed to meet the needs of the domestic violence community. We understand and empathize with the hardships that come along with displacement and being in transition with children. By offering essential that are needs to build a new foundation, our first goal is to establish that you can move forward and successful escape domestic violence no matter who the abuser may be.

We are dedicated full time to encouraging women and providing uplifting words to keep them going yet another day. We aim to pass out love and support to a targeted disadvantaged group right here in our city and state. We consider each individual family, and the influence of the Uppper Echelon Inc. will be everlasting. Our goal is to beat the crisis that we see the domestic violence community endure. We foresee that the outcome of our support and vision would create a major uptone and positive environment for the entire city. This is our way of increasing the livelihoods and stability of victims of domestic violence.

The Uppper Echelon Inc. aims to encourage uplift and breathe the breath of love and life into a group of people who simply need an opportunity. We will not allow them to feel defeated by the obstacles of vulnerability and victimization. We want to voice and show that we are family and that we care. We fully encourage hope and stability to those who have been hindered by a lifestyle of domestic violence Please join with The Uppper Echelon Inc. in our passion and desire to help our community.

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